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Cari Me Away Travels Blog

Tidbits from My Travels Near Home and Farther Away

Come and join me...

Welcome to My Blog!

I love to travel and I really love helping others make plans that last a lifetime. With the pandemic, travel has been so limited, but I am trying to get out and about and want to share my experiences. I hope you enjoy the blog, and if you have content ideas, please feel free to share them with me!! You can email me at [email protected] I would love to have guest writers and hear all about your travel experiences!

Sandbar State Park

Milton, Vermont


It was a perfect Vermont winter day! 25 degrees, sunny, absolutely no wind, perfect ice and snow, and an incredible bluebird sky. We spent four hours at the Sandbar State Park and we brought three snowmobiles and snowshoes and had a blast!  

This pandemic has not been easy on anyone. It was such a treat to be able to get outside, hang-out and talk with family, and be able to really enjoy the time together. I have been working from home since March, and January and February have felt more isolating than the past ten months combined, so to be able to stand in the sun and enjoy the natural beauty of Vermont really gave me the boost of energy that I needed. 

If you are feeling isolated or alone, be sure to take advantage of these days. Even if you can't get out, at least sit in the sunshine coming through a window. It can do wonders for your mood and the Vitamin D is so beneficial to us this time of year. 

I feel so fortunate to be able to have a partner in life that likes to explore as much as I do and I'm grateful for our time together. I had never driven a snowmobile until this year, and today, was my first time in open space. I have been practicing at Greg's mom's house in her large year, but to have the chance to explore the lake on a snowmobile is something that I will never forget. 

I was also able to get a 2 mile walk on my snowshoes, and it was just fantastic. Spending time with our cousin Faye and being able to talk and catch up was stupendous. The views were breathtaking and we were able to wear out their dog, who had so much fun running. 

In the end, a memorable day, for sure and I look forward to many more winter adventures!

Landon Community Trail

South Hero, Vermont

September 30, 2020

As we all try and navigate this pandemic, I have decided to start exploring what is close to my home, in Grand Isle, Vermont, and share my adventures with you.

As fall foliage started, I decided to check out the Landon Community Trail on Landon Road in South Hero. I have driven by the little parking lot lots of times, but just never made the effort to stop. What I found was a very sweet, 3/4 mile trail, that took me on a looped journey through the woods. Vermont Land Trust holds a conservation easement on the property and the Landon Farm is still in private ownership.

On the website,, there is a wonderful Wildflower Guide, written by South Hero resident, Charles L. Hulse, which would be fun to bring along and see which flowers noted in the guide you can find.

I highly recommend putting on your sneakers, or if it's winter, your snowshoes, and go and explore. You not only get to experience the lovely forest, but also brought to the ridge of the beautiful fields with incredible views. I hope you get to enjoy this adventure sometime soon (except during hunting season, when the trail is closed).